The best stock screener and alternatives

Stock screeners are an essential tool for all investors looking for new investments. While many websites offer stock screeners the quality can vary greatly. As a result, the best free stock screeners provide versatility, depth, and functionality to give you the best finds.


Many consider Finviz to be the best free stock screener and the best stock scanner for US stocks available. We’ve covered the stock screener in our first post.

Finviz stock screener is the best free stock screener on the market.


Morningstar is a leader in independent investment research. While it offers a free screener covered below, the premium membership is most of all full of tools and great information you won’t get anywhere else. The premium screener allows you to refine your custom screens with over 300 fundamental data filters. Additionally, it offers several predefined screens built by their top analysts. You can also save your custom screens. Another great feature allows to save and track any passing stocks through the portfolio manager.

Morningstar stock screener an selector.


The search categories in the custom screener are very wide-range but also reflect the idea that beating or missing earnings forecasts influences stock prices more than cash flow or book value. Free site registration brings access to a blank template or already preset screens. You can customize them by just about every metric and ratio that can be derived from a financial statement and some uniquely from Zacks.

Zacks stock screener tools.

Google Finance

Google Finance‘s stock screener is one of the best free stock screeners on the web. In terms of breadth, Google Finance is tops in that it allows you to screen across many countries and fundamental metrics. The Google Finance screener updates in real time and uses sliders to adjust ranges. Because of this, it can show the distribution of companies across the particular metric. Unfortunately, you cannot export data into a spreadsheet. Only one other free screener enables you to screen countries besides the U.S., so this is still a useful tool for your investing toolkit. Unfortunately, it might be discontinued sometime in the near future.

Google Finance stock screener criteria.

Yahoo! Finance

You can search stocks by industry, index membership, share data such as price, market cap, beta, sales and profitability, valuation ratios, analyst estimates and create scans with hundreds of different screening criteria. The finance home page has detailed information about the stock market. It includes market news and live streams of current market conditions on the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P’s 500 index.

Yahoo Finance stock screener.

There are many more screeners and cheap market research software available. Let us know in the comments which ones you prefer!

Finviz Elite, advanced charting, screener criteria, backtester, alerts

Finviz offers a paid version, Finviz Elite to its users. The cost of Finviz Elite is less than $40 per month or around $300 per year (both are subject to change). The Elite version provides access to all standard features plus additional features such as real-time quotes, premarket data, advanced charting, backtesting, correlations, alerts and an absence of advertisements. The Finviz real-time data and an interface without ads are the most common incentives for purchasing Finviz Elite subscriptions.

Finviz Elite. The Finviz paid plan includes real-time and premarket data, advanced stock charting, backtesting strategies, advanced screener and alerts.

Finviz Elite is a great source of information to identify trading and investing opportunities. Finviz provides visitors access to market information, which is presented in a highly visual and easy-to-use format. While most tools are available for free to all users, registration for free is required in order to save any settings. Elite mode provides all the tools with real-time data and opens up other features. They most of all include premarket data, advanced charting, backtesting, correlations, alerts and a no-advertising layout.

Real-time quotes

With an upgrade to Finviz Elite, all of the features are in real-time such as charts, screeners and market maps. Pre-market data is also available, which allows traders to analyze and screen for stocks that are moving in the pre-market. Tools such as the market map provide a snapshot of what all of the stocks and ETFs in the S&P 500, U.S. or worldwide are doing in the pre-market hours.

Advanced charting

The Finviz advanced charts will draw in some support and resistance levels and chart patterns for deeper analysis. They can also offer advanced technical analysis tools.

Finviz BABA chart. The charts such as BABA or Apple advanced charts are accessible as part of Finviz Elite.


Finviz backtester lacks the power and functionality of some of the advanced programs. However, it is extremely useful for quickly evaluating trade ideas. Using the backtester you can test around a hundred of technical indicators on survivorship-bias free stock data going back 20 years. You can’t test fundamental rules but you can combine indicators, add in transaction costs, stop losses, time-based exits and then compare your results to the benchmark. Running the test takes about a minute. Finviz shows you the backtester results in a number of different formats. It also compares the performance to the buy and hold benchmark return on SPY and the equal-weighted SPY.

Finviz backtester results comparing the performance to Finviz SPY performance.


Set alerts for rating changes, news, insider transactions or if the price moves above or below a specific price. Multiple symbols can be monitored in this fashion, and you set which alerts you wish to receive. Everytime your defined change happens, you’ll receive an email.


Correlations have many benefits to traders, including the ability to find stocks that act like other stocks, or move very differently. When Elite members view a stock chart, a list of correlated and inversely correlated stocks is provided below it.

Best stock screener review, free subscription plan, mobile app

Beyond the extensive screening capabilities, informative heat maps, forex and futures support, and customization of layout, charts, and screens, Finviz lists transactions made by insiders, a social community feed, and the latest news for each stock.

When you compare the functionality provided to the price charged, the value is compelling. If it weren’t for the intimidating interface that new users experience in getting familiar with the software, Finviz would be perfect.

For a longer elaboration of Finviz value, go through the pros and cons below.


  • it’s almost free. You probably won’t need the paid version, especially if you’re starting out, since the free Finviz features are great.
  • powerful screener. For technical analysis, input almost any piece of criteria and receive all stocks that fit the criteria. Market cap, average volume, sector, price, exchange, float short, return on equity, shares outstanding, average true range, beta, etc. The list of Finviz screener settings goes on and on.
  • informative heat maps. A great way of allowing for quick consumption of large amounts of market data and the market maps can be customized quickly.
  • information spread. Finviz offers condensed and understandable information on stocks, ETFs, futures, markets, sectors, industries or countries. It includes fundamental and technical data, heat maps and insider trading feeds and relevant news.
  • saving of frequent screens or watchlist. Therefore, each registered or premium member can easily save screens and watchlists. It is even possible to create alerts for new news, price moves, rating changes, and insider trades.

Finviz stock screener is the best and most used feature.


  • ads. The free accounts come with some common problems and besides regular ads include also video ads. Most of all, the free version of Finviz displays video ads which can be a little annoying.
  • overwhelming for beginners. The first experience at Finviz is intimidating because so much data is presented it makes it difficult to know where to begin.
  • user experience. If you know what you’re looking for you can find it easily but if you are going through your first screens, the Finviz user experience won’t provide you much instruction to figure out where to begin.
  • no OTCs support. Finviz doesn’t support viewing or tracking data about OTC stocks.
  • no Finviz mobile app available. Furthermore, the site is somewhat difficult to access and browse on smaller-sized screens. The Finviz mobile experience is not functioning very well.

Finviz mobile app is currently not available. Also, the Finviz web-based software is difficult to view on mobile devices.

If you’d like to see what the paid version of Finviz is capable of, check our post on Finviz Elite.

To help you understand how you can find new stocks with Finviz, watch this video on finding quality growth stocks.

Finviz features, screens, heat maps, futures, forex


You can narrow the search for the right stocks by inputting descriptive criteria. The criteria especially include filters such as an exchange, market capitalization, price, average volume or ratios. Choose from fundamental criteria including P/E ratio, debt/equity ratio, net profit margin or EPS growth among others. Select technical criteria to further narrow the search using filters such as performance, chart patterns, candlesticks or RSI levels. Altogether there are close to a 100 criteria, which can be customized to different values providing thousands of ways to fine-tune the stock screener.

The best free stock screener. Filter and scan stocks by hundreds of fundamental and technical screener criteria.

Heat maps

The heat map symbols are clear and sized according to the market-cap and sectors. Furthermore, you can choose to view a World Map, ETF Map, and sort the map by a variety of factors. The factors are surprisingly both technical and fundamental. Therefore you have all the powers to gain quick and accurate ideas of where to start analyzing the stocks that stand out.

The Finviz map or Finviz heat map is a great way to see what the market is doing and how it is performing on the day.

Insider trading

The Finviz insider trading feature shows recent insider transactions with their value, type, number of shares and person making the transaction. You can sort and filter the information in a number of ways.  Use single and double clicks to zoom in or view a particular cell, stock, or ETF.


The Finviz futures tab allows traders to get a quick snapshot of what is happening in the Futures market. It also includes which contracts are up or down and by how much. Moreover, everything is color coded for easy understanding. A relative performance chart is included so you can make out which contracts are outperforming or underperforming.  You can view the data in both quote form as well as in chart form. Chart form shows the individual charts of the Finviz futures in small windows side by side for easy comparison.

Explore Finviz futures, indices and everyday future performance.


Very similar to the Finviz futures tab is the Finviz forex tab that provides a quick snapshot of what the major currencies are doing. A relative performance chart shows the visualization of which currency pairs are outperforming or underperforming. You can again view the data in a chart form or a quote form.

FInviz futures. Map of the futures and their performance.


The Finviz groups provide snapshots of how a particular breakdown of sectors, industries or countries has been performing over a number of time frames. Additionally, you can sort stocks by performance in terms of industry, country or capitalization. How you view the data can also be altered from bar chart form to overview, valuation, performance, spectrum, grid or charts.

Finviz Bitcoin chart with prices, volumes and technicals.

Finviz example screener settings

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