Finviz Elite, advanced charting, screener, backtester, alerts

Finviz offers a paid version, Finviz Elite, to its users. It’s a great source of information to identify trading and investing opportunities. Finviz provides visitors access to market information, which is presented in a highly visual and easy-to-use format. While most tools are available for free to all users, registration is required in order to save any settings. The Elite mode provides all the tools with real-time data and opens up other features. They most of all include premarket data, advanced charting, backtesting, correlations, alerts and a no-advertising layout.

Finviz Elite. The Finviz paid plan includes real-time and premarket data, advanced stock charting, backtesting strategies, advanced screener and alerts.

Finviz Elite summary

The cost of Finviz Elite is less than $40 per month or around $300 per year (both are subject to change). The Elite version provides access to all standard features plus additional features such as real-time quotes, premarket data, advanced charting, backtesting, correlations, alerts and an absence of advertisements. The Finviz real-time data and an interface without ads are the most common incentives for purchasing Finviz Elite subscriptions.

Real-time quotes

With an upgrade to Finviz Elite, all of the features are in real-time. These include charts, screeners and market maps. Pre-market data is also available, which allows traders to analyze and screen for stocks that are moving in the pre-market. Tools such as the market map provide a snapshot of what all of the stocks and ETFs in the S&P 500, U.S. or worldwide are doing in the pre-market hours.

Advanced charting

The Finviz advanced charts will draw in some support and resistance levels and chart patterns for deeper analysis. They can also offer advanced technical analysis tools.

Finviz BABA chart. The charts such as BABA or Apple advanced charts are accessible as part of Finviz Elite.


Finviz backtester lacks the power and functionality of some of the advanced programs. However, it is extremely useful for quickly evaluating trade ideas. Using the backtester you can test around a hundred of technical indicators on survivorship bias free stock data going back 20 years. You can’t test fundamental rules but you can combine indicators, add in transaction costs, stop losses, time-based exits and then compare your results to the benchmark. Running the test takes about a minute. Finviz shows you the backtester results in a number of different formats. It also compares the performance to the buy and hold benchmark SPY return and the equal-weighted SPY.

Finviz backtester results comparing the performance to Finviz SPY performance.


Set alerts for rating changes, news, insider transactions or if the price moves above or below a specific price. Multiple symbols can be monitored in this fashion, and you set which alerts you wish to receive. Everytime your defined change happens, you’ll receive an email.


Correlations have many benefits to traders, including the ability to find stocks that act like other stocks or move very differently. When Elite members view a stock chart, a list of correlated and inversely correlated stocks is provided below it.

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