Features: screener, heat maps, insider trading, and futures

By a rule of thumb, if you try to be many things, you’ll end up being mediocre at all of them. That is not the case with Finviz features. Its screener, heat maps, and insider trading information are still the best ones among non-institutional services.


You can narrow the search for the right stocks by inputting descriptive criteria. The criteria include significant filters such as an exchange, market capitalization, price, average volume or ratios. Choose from fundamental criteria including P/E ratio, debt/equity ratio, net profit margin, and EPS growth. Select technical criteria to further narrow the search using filters such as performance, chart patterns, candlesticks or RSI levels. Altogether there are close to 100 criteria, which can be customized to different values. Thus resulting in thousands of ways to fine-tune a stock screen.

The best free stock screener. Filter and scan stocks by hundreds of fundamental and technical screener criteria.

Finviz example screener settings

Watch how to find the best stocks before they break out.

Heat maps

The heat map market symbols are clear and sized according to the market-cap and sectors. Furthermore, you can choose to view a World Map, ETF Map, and sort the map by a variety of factors. The factors are surprisingly both technical and fundamental. Therefore you have all the powers to gain quick and accurate ideas of where to start analyzing the stocks that stand out.

The Finviz map or Finviz heat map is a great way to see what the market is doing and how it is performing on the day.

Insider trading

The Finviz insider trading feature shows recent insider transactions with their value, type, number of shares and person making the transaction. You can sort and filter the information in a number of ways.  Use single and double clicks to zoom in or view a particular cell, stock, or ETF.


The Finviz futures tab allows traders to get a quick informative snapshot of what is happening in the Futures market. It also includes which contracts are up or down and by how much. Moreover, everything is color coded for easy understanding. A relative performance chart is included so you can make out which contracts are outperforming or underperforming.  You can view the data in both quote form as well as in chart form. Chart form shows the individual charts of the Finviz futures in small windows side by side for easy comparison.

Explore Finviz futures, indices and everyday future performance.


Very similar to the Finviz futures tab is the Finviz forex tab that provides a quick snapshot of what the major currencies are doing. A relative performance chart shows the visualization of which currency pairs are outperforming or underperforming. You can again view the data in a chart form or a quote form.

FInviz futures. Map of the futures and their performance.


The Finviz groups provide overview of how a particular breakdown of sectors, industries or countries has been performing over a number of time frames. Additionally, you can sort stocks by performance in terms of industry, country or capitalization. How you view the data can also be altered from bar chart form to overview, valuation, performance, spectrum, grid or charts.

Finviz Bitcoin chart with prices, volumes and technicals.



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