Introduction, screener, maps, and charts

The first blog introduces Finviz, which stands for Financial Visualizations. It is a one-stop shop for equity, future, and forex traders who want to find new trading opportunities and backtest strategies. The intuitive Finviz heat maps show which stocks are growing and declining each day. Plus, a wealth of financial information lies under the hood from insider trading to earnings releases.

Finviz provides visitors access to US stock market information, which is presented in a highly visual and easy-to-use format. While most tools are available for free to all users, you’ll need to register in order to save any settings. Registration is free for all users. Additionally, users can also upgrade to Finviz Elite for a monthly or yearly fee. The Elite plan provides additional tools on top of real-time data. Furthermore, it offers other features such as premarket data, advanced charting, backtesting, correlations, alerts and a layout without advertising.

Finviz offers a different set of tools compared to other software for finding very specific fundamental indicators and technical setups. It also allows viewing multiple charts the same time. Once you identify several stocks that fit your parameters you can access more in-depth look at the technicals elsewhere.


On the main page or homepage, you can find a broad range of information on the whole market in a largely condensed format. Visitors can quickly see what the market is doing at all times. Secondly, you can clearly see which stocks are moving or have recent news out. Finally, the stocks making considerable moves in their technical levels are clearly presented. The tables include major averages, market information such as the number of stocks at 52-week highs and lows, number of advancing and declining stocks, and the number of stocks above or below major moving averages.

Finviz home page shows index performance, market maps, and biggest market movers and losers. Includes news and insider trading.


The Finviz screener is an advanced tool, which allows filtering of stocks by multiple descriptive, fundamental, and technical indicators. Consequently, it can sort the data by a large number of criteria. Saving of screens can be done with a registered account.

The Finviz screener is considered to be the best stock screener and offers filtering of stocks by multiple descriptive, fundamental, and technical indicators.

Heat map

The Finviz map or Finviz heat map function provides a quick way to see which stocks are moving, their direction, and magnitude. It can show the S&P 500 map, world stocks map or ETF map in a variety of ways and on multiple time frames. The heat map is color-coded to easily spot outperforming or underperforming stocks. The most visited is the Finviz S&P 500 index heat map.


Finally, there are many options out there for technical analysis software. However, Finviz presents itself as a top prospect thanks to its efficiency for the serious trader or investor. Not only are the scans top-notch, but there’s so much more offered within the platform as well. Especially maps, top gainers/losers, portfolio tracking, backtests, news, etc. There’s no need to jump from one site to another anymore – Finviz gives you the convenience you need.

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